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Since I was little I have been fascinated by horses, the beauty of their soul and their noble and generous character. Due to this fascination and the connection I felt with them, for many years now I began to train myself to understand their nature, how to relate to them, and their physical and emotional needs in order to, in turn, help them.

​​ I began my training with a postgraduate degree in Equine Therapy at the UAB, through which I was able to observe the incredible benefits that relating to horses could have for people. But, on the other hand, I also observed that most horses also needed "therapy" after equine therapy sessions with humans, and that this was not always perceived by humans.

​ So I started looking for training on the types of existing therapies to also help horses release tension. Searching among the different training available not only in Spain but also abroad, I got to know The Masterson Method. This method is based on identifying the horse's responses to adapt to it in the massage and always working with them in a state of relaxation that allows them to release tension. The effectiveness of this method fascinated me and led me to complete the full two-year training and obtain the official certification in this type of equine bodywork, which is my current main activity.

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