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'Very often, when a horse realizes that he is being listened to, considered, and engaged during a Masterson Method bodywork session this means so much to them that it is a game changer.'

- Sonia Bascuñana

If you have landed in my website it may be because you own, ride or care for one or more horses and you want them to be in the best possible physical and emotional state. Because your horse is one of the family and we want them to be healthy and happy.


My name is Sonia and as Equi-libera I offer you a professional equine bodywork service  ( The Masterson Method ) that will help your horse to release the accumulated tension in his body, so that he can feel free from physical and emotional stress .

Whether it is a sports horse, a trail horse, a therapy horse, retired, or simply living its life in freedom without significant obligations, every horse accumulates tension in its body throughout their life, either due to physical and/or emotional causes. This tension can reduce the range of movement of the animal's body and, in the long run, this may cause secondary problems, in the form of lameness, difficulty in performing specific exercises or behavior issues, which may affect the performance and especially the well-being of the horse.

what do i offer you


Ayuda a tu caballo a equilibrar su cuerpo, mantener una forma física sana y prevenir lesiones / aliviar en procesos de recuperación.


¿Tienes un centro ecuestre y te interesa ofrecer  cursos diferentes sobre los caballos y como entenderles mejor y favorecer su bienestar? 


Los aceites esenciales ofrecen una amplia versatilidad en sus propiedades terapéuticas, por lo que son un recurso ideal como terapia complementaria.


Descubre estos productos  a base de aceites esenciales creados con todo el mimo y cuidado específicamente para caballos


Sergio, Aldahir

I recommend the Masterson Method bodywork, Aldahir has really improved and it helps him relax, releases his tensions and it helps with his advanced osteoarthritis at 26 years old. Sonia comes once a month to treat him. Great person and professional.

Laia i Spirit.jpg

Laia, Spirit

I decided to contact Equi-Libera because Spirit, my horse, was very stiff in his whole body in general and was looking for something that would make him feel better and not just a physical treatment. Currently, not only is he physically well, but he has learned to let go of tensions and make it clear what he wants and how he wants it. Sonia is very patient and if he needs to do his magic 'turn around' to assimilate and process what he feels, she respects him. He feels every time more like a horse.


Merche, Cohe

I am delighted to be able to have the pleasure to have Sonia treating Cohe. In just two sessions of The Masterson Method, he has shown very good results, he is unblocking many spots where he had restrictions. Thus, being able to be more relaxed and with less tension in his body. Thank you very much, Sonia, from Cohe and Merche

Would you like to know more about horses, The Masterson Method, or me?

Here are the links to two podcasts (in Spanish only!) in which I was interviewed so you can listen whenever you want!

The Modern Rider, a podcast by Lucie Crehalet -Episode 9

Felices Caballos,  a podcast of Onintza-June 16

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