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And what about the dogs?

Often when I go to do a Masterson's method session for horses, where there are horses, there are usually dogs, either from the horse's owners or from the center. 

I don't know how often it has happened to me that when I finish massaging the horse, some dog comes and stands next to me, like: now it's my turn, isn't it? And rarely can I resist making a little dot here and there. 

Actually, the Masterson method bladder meridian technique is a technique that works just as well in dogs as it does in horses. And dogs, being a predatory animals and not prey, tend to release accumulated tension more easily.

Why request a massage session for your dog? A massage session can help in different aspects:

  • muscle relaxation

  • facilitate faster rehabilitation in case of injury

  • increase flexibility

  • increase blood circulation

  • improve health and comfort

  • contribute to the welfare of senior dogs

It can be especially useful in the case of hyperactive dogs or with separation anxiety, among other types of emotional problems.


Massages, in addition to improving health and relaxation, have another possible objective: to identify any point that may be causing a dog pain in order to, in that case, discuss it with the vet. This is important because massages cannot replace, in any case, a visit to the vet.


The basic concepts of the Masterson method, especially that of staying below the animal's alert threshold, to work with a relaxed nervous system, help us to ensure that massage offers multiple benefits for the physical and emotional health of the dog. And the dog's will is respected when he tells you if they like it or not where you are massaging them.

Contact me if you want to know more!

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